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Boss Digital Delay Settings Page

Below are Boss Digital Delay settings from different site visitors. These delay settings will help you dial in your Digital Delay or other delay. If you would like to see other FX added please leave this information on the feedback page.

Current Boss Digital Delay settings available from database.

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To search for a particular setting select the criteria from the drop down box then click submit. Results are displayed by latest setting submitted.

DD-2Comments about Sound with these settings View Settings

DD-3buckethead big sur moon settingi was listning to big sur moon by buckethead and couldnt help but notice what great tone he has on his delay so i sat and figured it out on my dd-3, its a great tone and gives off a fast picking sound View Settings

DD-3Med delay for solosUse this setting for my solo's. View Settings

DD-3Joe Satriani's Long SettingJoe Satriani's Long Setting View Settings

DD-2Joe Satriani's Short SettingJoe Satriani's Short Setting View Settings

Boss DD-6 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
Boss DD-6 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Pedal
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay Pedal

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