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PedalTrain 2 Review

Date:January 6, 2006

This review focuses on the PedalTrain 2 pedal board. I recently switched my rig from a rack based setup to head, cab and pedals. Only took 1 gig with having to setup and tear down 3 pedals to realize this was not the way to gig. After researching the various commercially available pedal boards I settled on the PedalTrain 2 which is the mid sized product from PedalTrain.

On of the reasons I chose this boards was weight. The PedalTrains are made from aluminum which make them much lighter that the plywood based boards. The PedalTrain 2 also comes with a tour grade flight case with recessed latches and handle is included. Case interior has additional storage space for cables, spare pedals, and accessories. Another reason is that I intend to go back to a small rack setup with my pedals mounted on a shelf and the rig controlled by the Axess FX-1. This board is the perfect size for the FX-1, StroboStomp and Wah.

frame 24x12.5x2 inches / weight 4 lbs.
case 25.5x18x8 inches / weight 16 lbs. PedalTrain

Board Layout

Before applying the fuzzy size of the included velcro I took some time and moved my pedals to try and determine the optimal position. The one thing that really dictates where pedals go is power. My setup features a Keeley modded Line6 MM-4 in the FX loop of my amp along with a StroboStomp tuner, OD808, OCD, GE7, DD-3 delay and a Vox wah. The MM-4 requires it's own power and you want to keep effects in the loop seperated from those in front of the amp power wise. This will prevent ground loops which cause a very bad hum.

Once locations were set I applied the velcro to the board and the pedals, ran the power daisy chain and cut GeorgeL's to the appropriate size. Once everything was connected I used the included wire ties to secure the power daisy chain and cables to the bottom of the PedalTrain. PedalTrain

Final Thoughts

Once I got the pedal layout finalized it was very easy to secure the pedals and neatly run the necessary power and audio lines. This will help present the band in a more professional manner (every little bit helps).

I would also like to take a moment and talk about PedalTrain's incredible customer service. The first unit I bought was not square and wobbled across the diagonal pretty badly. I sent an email to PedalTrain late Wednesday night and received a reply first thing Thursday morning with instructions on how to get the unit back into square. Numerous email from the PedalTrain folks checking up to make sure everything was going smoothly as well. Can't say enough about the support I received.

If I ever need to purchase another pedal board there will be only 1 choice - PedalTrain. This is one product I can highly recommend based on the product quality and more importantly the incredible customer service.

Pedaltrain PT-2 Pedalboard with Softshell Gig Bag
Pedaltrain PT-2 Pedal Board
Pedaltrain PT-Pro Pedalboard with Softshell Gig Bag
Pedaltrain PT-Pro Pedal Board
Pedaltrain PT-2 Pedalboard with Hardshell ATA Flightcase
Pedaltrain PT-JR Pedal Board

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