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Guitar Amplifier, Effects and EQ Tone Settings

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Enter your amp or FZ settings into the appropriate database or view other visitor's settings. If you would like to see other amps or FX included, please use the feedback page and make your request there.

Amplifier & EQ Settings

Guitar Amp SettingsGuitar Effects Settings
Bogner Amps Bogner Amp Settings
Egnater Amps Egnater Amp Settings
Marshall AmpsMarshall Amp Settings
Mesa Boogie Amps Mesa Boogie Amp Settings
Peavey Amps Peavey Amp Settings
Randall Amps Randall Amp Settings
Rockman Amps & Rock Modules Rockman Amp & Rock Modules Settings
Boss PedalsBoss Settings
Fulltone PedalsFulltone Settings
Line6 ToneCore PedalsLine6 ToneCore Settings
EQ SettingsEQ Settings

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