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Guitar Tone Articles

Outdoor GigsEliminating string problems at outdoor gigs
Mic EliminatorBuild Your Own Mic Eliminator
Tune WinXPHow to optimize WinXP for audio recording
Line 6 VariaxInformation on Line 6 Variax Guitars
Bedroom Level Guitar PlayingGetting good tone at reduced volumes
Eric Johnson Amp ToneStarting point to get Eric Johnson Cliffs of Dover sound
PC RecordingDescription of the PC recording setup used for sound clips on this site
HowTo: Rehearsal TimeHow to conduct rehearsal and a bit on protecting your ears
Guitar Effects Signal ChainThe appropriate order for your effects
How To: Form a BandSeries of articles on effectively forming a band
Low Volume, Fat ToneDifferent options for great tone when recording at low volume
EVH Brown SoundHow to dial in the EVH Brown Sound
SRV ToneGet a SRV tone with a Tube Screamer and EQ.
Guitar Signal ChainExplore the guitar signal chain and the affects of adding EQ pre-distortion. Part 1
Pre Distortion EQExplore the affects of adding EQ pre-distortion. Part 2

Guitar Tone Amplifier Articles

Egnater Mod50 ManualManual for the Egnater Mod50 amp
Randall MTS JCM800 ModificationModify your Randall SL+ to JCM800 Tone Stack
Randall MTS Clean Module ModificationsModifications to your Randall MTS Clean Modules
Randall MTS Module ModificationsModifications to your Randall MTS Modules
Randall MTS Series OverviewOverview of the Randall MTS Modular series
Randall MTS ModulesRandall MTS Module
Randall RM AmpsRandall MTS Amplifiers
Orange Rockerverb Series AmpsTech specs for the Orange Rockerverb series of amps
Orange AD Series AmpsTech specs for the Orange AD series of amps
Orange Speaker CabsTech specs for the Orange speaker cabinets
Lee Jackson AmpsLee Jackson/Metaltronix is back in business
Vox AC30CCNew Vox AC30 Custom Classic amps
Mesa BoogieTime line for Mesa Boogie amp products.
Marshall Silver Jubilee SeriesSpecs on each model in the 25/50 Silver Jubilee series.
Marshall JCM800 SeriesSpecs on each model in the JCM800 series.
Pre Amp TubesBrief summary of the different types of 12AX7 preamp tubes.
Power Amp TubesGuitar tone differences between brands of power amp tubes.

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